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Rocky Coast


Educational services


Workshops, trainings, webinars, and guest lectures

I have been leading workshops and trainings, providing guest lectures, and participating in panels throughout the last 15 years. I have a passion for educating and I find a lot of joy in the process of breaking down complex subjects in a way that is engaging, memorable, and understandable. My presentations typically combine my clinical experience, education, lived experience, and community knowledge to provide a unique perspective on the issues at hand.


Some of my areas of specialization include:


LGBTQIA+ issues (with a special focus on trans populations), kink/BDSM, fat liberation, Health at Every Size, disability justice, neurodivergence, eating disorders, and polyamory.

Some of my recent presentations have included:


"Normalizing Complex Grief in Transition- How to support transgender and non-binary clients navigating unexpected feelings about gender-affirming medical procedures."

"Autism, Sensory Processing Differences, and Eating Disorders- How to integrate sensory processing differences into ED treatment approaches." 


Fees for Educational Services

Fees for educational services vary depending on the content, length of presentation, style of presentation, etc. Please reach out to me via email so we can collaborate and find a service that fits the budget of your organization:

Professional Consultation

Consulting services for colleagues, peers, and organizations

Consulting services involve one on one discussions to help guide you or your organization in your learning and practice around complex cultural and social justice issues. I have worked with healthcare providers, community peers, and businesses providing consultation on topics related to transgender and queer issues, kink/BDSM, fat liberation, Health At Every Size, neurodivergence, polyamory, eating disorders, and more. Consulting can be a great way to learn from someone with lived experience in a context where you can feel safe to ask questions you might be nervous to ask in front of a larger audience. 

I want to ensure that I'm the right person for your consulting needs, so we will typically engage in some email discussion before the consultation to ensure that your specific needs are within my areas of expertise. 

Pine Tree

Fees for Consultation Services

Fees for consutlation services vary depending on the content, length of consultation, size of organization etc. Please reach out to me via email so we can collaborate and find a service that fits the your budget:

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