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Finding a therapist

I maintain this page of referrals and directories to help people find alternative options when I cannot be available. I hope you are able to find resources here that are helpful for you here! 


I do my best to keep this page updated, but cannot guarantee the continued accuracy of all the listings here.

If you notice a dead link, please feel free to let me know! I appreciate it :)


Here you will find a list of online therapist and healthcare directories, which can be a great way to find a provider!

Tip 💡- Keep in mind as you explore these directories, you may want to expand your search to include your whole state instead of just your city. Most therapists in the U.S. are licensed by state and can only practice in the state(s) in which they are licensed. The good news is that many providers now offer online therapy, which allows you to see a provider who may be hundreds of miles away as long as they are licensed within your state.

Sliding Scale Directories

  • Open Path Collective - is a collective of therapists who are committed to providing sliding scale therapy services. You can browse the directory for free, but if you would like to schedule with a provider you pay a one-time membership fee of $59.  In exchange, you get access indefinitely to sliding scale therapy ranging from $30-$60. The therapists benefit from the collective’s provision of things like free continuing education and the clients benefit from a clear way to find sliding scale therapists across the country.

Social Justice Directories

  • Therapy Den - is a social-justice-oriented therapist directory that allows you to search by cost, as well as by the identities of the therapist themselves (including gender, ethnicity, and LGBTQ identity)

  • Inclusive Therapists - is a similar directory that offers the additional ability to search by “cultural knowledge” or “spiritual knowledge” with an extensive list of options including ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and other areas of subcultural awareness.

Identity or Affinity-based Directories

These directories are based around identity, culture, or affinity including race, gender, sexuality, religion, and various subcultures and areas of interests. Keep in mind that if there aren't many directories which are specific to your identity, you may have better luck using the more mainstream directories in the next section along with the keywords you're searching for. 

Multiple Identities

Race, Ethnicity, and Religion


Polyamory, Kink, and Sex Work

Health at Every Size, Fat Liberation, and Body Positivity/Neutrality 

Neurodiversity, Disability, and Chronic Illness


Mainstream Directories

These are general therapist directories that don't focus on serving a specific population or social justice mission. However, all of these directories have search functions that allow you to filter by specialization. 

General Directories

Other Search Engines and Platforms

  • Google -Many therapists have their own websites that are optimized for search engines like Google. If you don’t have luck with any of the above directories, you may be surprised by what you find using keywords to search for therapists in your area. Try putting your nearest large city (or your state) + therapist + keywords into your search engine. You may try terms like “queer” “trans” “fat acceptance” “BIPOC” “Jewish”, etc. if you are looking for a therapist with cultural awareness in those areas. You can also try searching by therapeutic approach or specialization with keywords like “trauma” “EMDR” “DBT”, etc.

  • Better Help, Talk SpaceIn general, I discourage people from using these platforms, but they can be useful for certain people in certain situations.  I would say they can be most useful for people who need a therapist ASAP, need a relatively low fee, have short-term therapy needs, and prefer text or video-based therapy 100% of the time. I discourage them for a multitude of reasons including well-documented and serious concerns about client confidentiality, worker exploitation, therapist turnover, and use of confidential session data to develop AI therapy programs. 

Directories Section

Specific Providers

Here you will find a list of specific therapists (and other healthcare and wellness providers) as well as group therapy practices. Many of these providers have overlap with my areas of specialization. I've included some keywords from their websites to help you explore the list. 

Note: If you notice a dead link, please feel free to let me know! I appreciate it :) In the meantime, try googling the name of the therapist you're interested in, you may find their new website just as fast as I can!

If you are a provider/group who would like to be listed here, or have your listing removed/updated (for any reason, no questions asked), please feel free to email me ( or to send a message from the submission box at the bottom of the page. My goal is to provide resources to clients and to spread the word about other providers with similar specialties. 

California-based Therapists

  • Tzippi Folinsky LCSW, CCTP, CCMHIMP

    • keywords- polyamory, kink, transgender, neurodivergence, sex therapy, relationship therapy, Jewish, queer, non-binary, transgender, trauma, EMDR, somatic therapy, depression, anxiety, sex workers, religious trauma, accepts Optum insurance

    • Founder of the group practice where I work, Your Healing Begins Here 

    • links- website, listing(1), listing(2) 

  • Jen Rivers, ASW

    • keywords- queer, young adults, depression, anxiety, LGBTQIA2S+, sex workers, trauma, transgender, identity formation, religious trauma, coming out, bisexual, lesbian, teens, chronic pain, sex therapy

    • links- website, listing(1), listing(2) 

  • Gregory Gooden, LMFT, CATC-IV

    • keywords- addiction, humanist-existentialist, alcoholism, LGBTQIA, personality disorders, relationship therapy, sex positivity, polyamory, life transitions, social justice, agnostic, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, family conflict, depression, infidelity

    • Part of KIS (Keep It Simple) Recovery Services

    • links- website, listing(1), listing(2) 

  • LS Pearce ASW

    • keywords- BIPOC, LGBTQ+, bi-cultural, class consciousness, anti-racist, helping professionals, racial identity, self-esteem, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, transgender, mixed-race, privilege, social justice, "weirdos", artists, anti-capitalist, HIV/AIDS, polyamory, body-positivity, sex workers

    • links- website

  • Kat Recto AMFT

    • keywords- adolescents, couples, non-binary, transgender, emerging LGBTQIA+ identities, QTPOC, 1st and 2nd generation, helping professionals, artists and creatives, trauma, polyamory, EMDR, gestalt-relational, attachment theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Decolonial Nonviolent Communication, AEDP, somatic therapy

    • links- website

  • Ray Sanchez, ASW

    • keywords- queer, latino, intersectionality, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, humanistic, psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, relational difficulties, identity-based trauma, 

    • Practices at Our Best Selves Therapy

    • links- website

  • Kelly Gendreau, LMFT

    • keywords- pet loss, compassion burnout (in the veterinary field), Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP), Complicated Grief Therapy (CGT) trained, Advanced Trained Grief Recovery Specialist

    • Practices at- Rainbow Bridge Healing

    • links- website

  • Maren Jorgensen, LMFT

    • keywords- sex positive, polyamory, LGBTQIA, gender, sexuality, minfulness-based CBT, Internal Family Systems (IFS), attachment theory, adults, elders, transitional age youth (18-25)

    • links- website

  • Summer Forlenza, LMFT

    • keywords- eating disorders, abuse survivors, LGBTQ+, sex-positive, body image recovery, non-pathologizing mental health care, relationships, trauma recovery, EMDR

    • links- websitelisting, instagram   

  • Macala “Kala” Lacy AMFT, Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

  • Lara Willing, LMFT

    • keywords- Relationship/couples therapy, gender + sexuality, sex, polyamory, LGBTQ, grief, anxiety, depression, body image. Modalities/services include: Person-centred, CBT, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, Compassionate Communication, Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, Collaborative Therapy for Couples, Developmental Model for Couples, Certified Mediator Training, Rapid Resolution therapy.

    • links- website

  • Ali Dilley, LMFT

    • keywords- pre-teens, teens, young adults, trauma, depression, anxiety, identity development, LGBTQ+, queer-identified, HAES aligned, sex and sex worker positive, neurodivergent affirming, and believe that Black Lives Matter, intersectionally Feminist, socially justice-informed. Training in Attachment and Cognitive Based Therapies (CBT, ACT, CPT [Cognitive Processing Therapy]).

    • links- website, listing

  • Kelly Hutton, AMFT

    • keywords- polyamory, kink-affirming, queer-identified, grief + loss, life transitions, communication, antiracist, bilingual (Spanish, English). Modalities include: EMDR, CBT, DBT, and EFT

    • links- website, listing

  • addyson tucker, PsyD

    • keywords- queer and trans affirming, fat-affirming, TSGNB-affirming, self-compassion, shame-resilience, BIPOC-inclusive, affinity groups. 

    • links- website, listing

  • Melle Browning, LMFT

    • keywords- couples, trans/gender diverse, LGBTQ, trauma, queer and trans identified. Modalities include: mindfulness, somatic, cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT, EFT, EMDR.

    • links- website, listing

  • Hazel Chrís Hamann, LCSW

    • keywords- Dual-licensed (CA and OR), queer/transgender/Latinx-identified. LGBTQIA+, especially transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and gender diverse folks, sex-positive, kink-aware, weight-neutral. Modalities include: relational psychodynamic therapist, social justice-oriented, trauma-informed, strengths-based, and collaborative. 

    • links- website, listing

Specific Providers Secton
Mainstream Directories

California-based Group Practices 

  • Lavender Healing Collective - "A collective of LGBTQIA+ Black Indigenous Therapists of Color who are dedicated to radically decolonizing mental health for our communities after our own shitty experiences with oppressive mental health providers."

  • KIS Recovery Services - "We are a group of peers who have worked together in the addiction profession and we are graduates of Pacific Oaks College where we obtained our Master's Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy."

  • Your Healing Begins Here - "A small LGBTQIA++ affirming and competent practice." 

  • Our Best Selves Therapy - "We collaborate with minoritized communities on their healing journeys through depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationships."

  • Waves Psych - "Our clinicians are more than LGBTQIQAP - affirming. We center queer and trans services."

Other States- Therapists and Practices outside of California


  • Rainbow Resiliency - Group practice specializing in gender & sexual orientation, eating disorders, trauma & PTSD, and autism.


  • Chicago Center for Psychotherapy- Group practice specializing in aging, BIPOC, grief & loss, highly sensitive persons, LGBTQIA+ identity, mood disorders, neurodiversity, parenting challenges, psychosocial evaluations, relationships issues, reproductive issues, sex therapy, supervision, trauma, and transgender identity.



  • Hazel Chrís Hamann, LCSW

    • keywords- Dual-licensed (CA and OR), queer/transgender/Latinx-identified. LGBTQIA+, especially transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and gender diverse folks, sex-positive, kink-aware, weight-neutral. Modalities include: relational psychodynamic therapist, social justice-oriented, trauma-informed, strengths-based, and collaborative. 

    • links- website, listing


  • Ample & Rooted - Group Practice: "Our practice is rooted in Health at Every Size®, Body Trust®, fat-positive, sex-positive, LGBTQ+ affirming, harm reduction, trauma-responsive, and anti-oppressive frameworks. We are consensual non-monogamy, polyamory and kink affirming and allied with those engaged in sex work."

Washington State

  • Amber Lenore, LMFT -

    • keywords- polyamory, queer and trans identity, adults, children, families, depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, traumatic life experiences, adult survivors of childhood abuse, parenting and co-parenting, grief & loss, life transitions, self-esteem, self image.Modalities include: trauma focused creative arts, experiential, somatic, expressive psychotherapy, attachment-based. 

Insurance Coverage

Please see my insurance information page for tips on finding in-network providers, working with out-of-network providers, and information about why some providers don't accept insurance. 

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