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Trans Therapist

Person-centered online therapy

for California Residents


◦Gender-affirming care

◦Poly + kink friendly


◦HAES + fat liberation

◦Chronic illness + disability


Welcome! I'm Myles (he/him) and I'm a queer and trans therapist and educator in Southern CA.

I believe that it's a miracle the first time someone enters the room for therapy.

There are often so many barriers that have to be overcome just to cross that threshold. You've done so much to get there and you deserve to be met with care, to be truly heard, and to be seen for who you are. 

My role as a therapist is to collaborate with you. I bring my skills and experience, but you are the expert on your own life. I believe in your strength and resilience and I'm here to help you reach your goals. 


Maybe your goal is to explore your gender or sexual identity, to better understand your neurodivergence, to explore your relationship with others, to make sense of past experiences, to make peace with your body, or just to get through hard times. Whatever your focus is, I'm here to work beside you on this journey.

I encourage you to explore my page. If it strikes a chord with you, please feel free to reach out.

I'm here, whenever you're ready

  • Workshops and trainings

  • Professional consultation

  • Guest lectures


  • Psychotherapy for individuals

  • Online for CA residents

  • LGBTQIA+ affirming

  • Local resources

  • Online/global resources

  • Books, podcasts, & more

I am a queer and trans therapist committed to providing person-centered care.  I work with the frameworks of neurodiversity, fat liberation, HAES (Health at Every size), and disability justice.  Many of my clients come to me because they need a provider who is LGBTQIA-affirming, kink and polyamory aware, and knowledgeable about chronic illness. 

If you’re a member of any of these communities, you probably know how challenging it can be to find a therapist who truly “gets it”. I offer an environment where all of these parts of you can be welcomed, seen, and appreciated. This frees you up to be your most authentic self in our work together, and for us to focus on what matters most to you in therapy. 



I specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ people, and especially with members of the trans community. As a trans person...

Kink & BDSM

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Polyamory & Consensual Non-monogamy

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Fat Liberation & Health at Every Size

Fat liberation is about more than body positivity.  And "Health at Every Size" is about more than showing that weight neutral...


We live in a world that was built to meet neurotypical needs. As a result, being neurodivergent often involves struggling to make...

Disabilities & Chronic Illness

Disability justice is something that deeply informs my work as a therapist. I don't believe that our value as human beings is tied...

Whether you'd like to schedule a therapy appointment or inquire about professional services, the best way to reach me is via email or the form below. Please allow some time for a response, thank you in advance for your patience.


click here for contact information

I offer free 15 minute phone consults for new clients.

I believe it's important for you to have a chance to ask questions before we start working together.  The client-therapist relationship is a significant part of the therapeutic process and this phone consult helps us figure out if we're a good match!

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